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Clientele & Services Rendered

Antigua Labor Party:
10 days of leadership conferences for prospective Members of Parliament in areas of leadership, conflict resolution, power and influence in a mixed motive political environment, and find meaning and motivation in public service.

Bermuda Conference of SDA:
Facilitated design of Conference-wide strategic plan, complete with implementation timelines and critical success indicators

Caribbean Union Bank:
5-day workshop (Group Dynamics and Workplace Productivity)

Greater New York Conference of SDA:
Conducted 1-day leadership workshop for pastors with emphasis on power dynamics and the implications they hold for leadership behavior

Medgar Evers University, New York:
Frequent facilitator for seminars on leadership, personal improvement, and professional preparation

Northeastern Conference of SDA:
Workshops on improving customer care and group dynamics for workplace productivity

New York City Board of Education:
Regular service provider to schools and principals in areas of leadership, staff development, curriculum design and student improvement

New York State Dept of Education:
1-day seminar for superintendents and principals on turnaround leadership approaches for underperforming institutions

North Caribbean Conference of SDA:
2-day workshop for pastors, principals, and workers on leading change and new approaches to evangelism.

General Conference of SDA:

  • 3-day executive leadership seminar for world division education leaders
  • Currently designing weekend retreat conference for presidents of universities, and senior and junior colleges.
  • Presently provides training and implementation expertise for church institutions that adopt the “Assessment in a Box” project, Instituted by Office of Assessment and Program Effectiveness

Government of Antigua & Barbuda:

  • Ministry of Tourism: 2-day workshop for executives and middle managers on collaborative leadership and leading change in a complex industry
  • Designed a weekend retreat conference for cabinet ministers of Antigua & Barbuda government

Government of St. Lucia:

  • 2-day workshop for senior public servants from Ministry of Social Transformation and Ministry of Public Services on strategic planning
  • Designed a project for Minister of Social Transformation for improved community empowerment, youth development and small business expansion

Government of Trinidad & Tobago:

  • Ministry of Education: (System wide project) Provided advisory consultancy services on redesign of high school governance structure and redesign of curricular approach
  • Water & Sewage Authority of Trinidad & Tobago: 5-day training on Group dynamics & workplace productivity as well closing gaps between individual interests and organizational goals.

South Caribbean Conference of SDA:

  • 3-day retreat on improving supervisor and intern relationships
  • 1-day workshop for conference executive committee on improving executive decision making

St. Lucia Mission Conference of SDA:
Facilitated at year end workers meeting; conducted development training on improving professionalism and leading change initiatives

Rotary Club of Antigua and Barbuda,
Antigua WI:

  • Designed and delivered one day conference for corporate executives and national leaders on Ethics and Corporate Governance

New York City ACS:

  • Designed and delivered a 2 day Train the Trainers workshop for consultants and trainers in the areas of conflict resolution and group dynamics & productivity.

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