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About the Company

Modern Organization and Human Development Center (MOHDC) was formed in 2000 by Ivy League graduates; and is committed to providing top quality consulting and training services with a regular human touch; and at affordable fees. We are also very dedicated to multicultural and multiethnic appreciation.

Our motto a hand along the way embodies MOHDC’s unique boutique type custom designed approach to organization development and training. As organizational psychologists we pay keen attention to each client’s unique needs; and work hard to ensure rightness of fit between professional development exercises and our client’s actual workplace demands. In this way our clients benefit from the design of only the best practices that will guarantee improved performance and higher outcomes.

MOHDC aims to become the most desired outfit among institutions seeking external consulting and training services. That’s why we are passionate about our client’s business and the relationship we share with them. All our consultants are eminently qualified professionals who possess rich and varied international work place experience in their various spheres of expertise.

At MOHDC our core values are image, integrity, imagination and insight. We also pride ourselves in the emotional intelligence and continuous learning that’s reflected in what we do. Clients regularly praise our high ethical, professional standards as well as the creative laughter that flavors our open respectful interaction. Let MOHDC give your organization a hand along the way.


Raymond S. Edwards

Contact us today and achieve your optimum with our custom designed best practice approaches.

Contact MOHDC today.

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